Follow Lent

Explore your faith and deepen your spirituality in a new course for the weeks leading up to Easter.

Generosity and inheritance are the themes of a Lent course, which is thought to be the first of its kind produced by the Church in Wales and is endorsed by the Archbishop of Wales.

The course is designed to be followed either by groups in churches or by individuals at home. It guides them through Bible readings, reflections and prayer, encouraging them to share their stories and thoughts on generosity and inheritance in relation to a different topic each week. These include the environment, the economy, justice and peace, openness to others and neighbourhood.

The course begins on Ash Wednesday – March 6 – the start of Lent and will continue through the six weeks of Lent to Holy Week and onto Easter Day. It can be followed beyond Easter with reflections for two other key times in the Christian year, Ascension Day (May 30) and Pentecost (June 9).

The Archbishop, John Davies, says, “Lent is a very important time in the Christian year, giving us a chance to focus on and deepen our faith as we prepare for the celebration of Easter. I am delighted to endorse this course and I hope it will help people pray, read, ponder and act as the people of God across the Province. I hope that it will enable them to focus upon some key themes that affect our lives today form a specifically Christian perspective, making the faith more real and better connected to issues of daily life.”

The Bishop of Bangor, Andy John, who chairs the GenRus group, adds, “I hope the themes we have chosen for this course – inheritance and generosity – will help us understand more about our life as Christians and inspire us to seek God further. We believe the gift of faith is our inheritance and we are called to be a generous people. This course will help us explore what that means as we live out our lives every day.”

The Inheritance of Lent course was commissioned by the Church’s GenRus stewardship group and written by the Revd Janet Fletcher, spirituality officer for the Diocese of Bangor.

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